About us


We are a experienced real estate company that offers a unique and valuable service to our clients. Our clients are highly selective with their growth and require great understanding of their business model.  We are focused on our relationships that make your business profitable.  Big Box Broker videos watch now.


There is no reason a space should be vacant.  Vacancy is contagious and GOOD leasing is the cure. The Big Box is the key to the equation and that's why you need Big Box Broker. 

We are very familiar with tenant mix and understand the matrix for both landlord and tenant to be mutually successful. 


We offer consulting services in the United States.  We are headquartered in South Florida.  

We work closely with proven and experienced lenders, architects, inspection companies, lawyers, and title companies to guarantee a smooth and secure transaction.  Big Box Broker LLC is also led by Charles Silver Florida Licensed Real Estate broker. 



The owner of Big Box Broker has worked in the real estate industry for some of the biggest private and public real estate companies over the last 20 years. Knowledge is power and this is why you need Big Box Broker!  


We work 24/7/365 and if there is an opportunity to do a deal we will move fast and diligently for our clients.  

Commercial real estate has many moving parts but getting a deal inked for tenants and landlords is the primary focus.  Time is money!

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