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45,243 SF

1631 Florida Mall Avenue

Orlando, Florida 32809

30,750 SF

101 Town Center Blvd. 

Sanford, Florida, 32771

45,000 SF

2802 NE 14th Street 

Ocala, Florida 33470

50,000 SF

1700 W. 45th Street 

West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

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SF                  City                       State

22K  Fairview   Heights   IL

20K  Hixson TN

45K  Fairview   Heights   IL

17K  Chesterfield  VA

30K  Milford   CT

45K  Modesto CA

38K  Milford   CT

22K  Lake  Charles   LA

45K  Clive  IW

30K Bradenton, FL

34K Jacksonville  FL

33K Miami FL

70K Margate FL


34K   Corona CA 

21K   Lanham MD

46K   Kalamazoo MI

25K  Akron OH 

30K  Beachwood OH   

31K  Columbus OH 

69K   Mentor OH 

50K   Hixson TN

19K  Knoxville TN


At this time we have access to over 1,000 Big Box locations through the Big Box Network! Owners of these locations are ready to make deals fast.   So if you're seeking a location and need a Big Box approximately 30K SF to 180K SF you came to the right place! The most important part of malls and shopping centers is the Big Box.   Contact us!

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