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Select the property below to see the opportunity: All of these big boxes can be considered for retail, medical, office, and alternative uses.  (Depending on city/county approvals.)   


1631 Florida Mall Avenue

Orlando, Florida 32809

30,725 SF / (SUBLEASED on 12/1/2019) 

101 Town Center Blvd.   

Sanford, Florida, 32771

There are so many Big Box opportunities through the network and the owners are ready to make deals:

At this time we have access to over 1,000 Big Box locations through the Big Box Network! Owners of these locations are ready to make deals fast.   So if you're seeking a location and need a Big Box approximately 25K SF to 180K SF you came to the right place! The most important part of malls and shopping centers is the Big Box.   Contact us!

You can always call us at  561.376.0104

We have selected an experienced Big Box Broker that will work 24/7/365 to secure your big box.  If you are serious about leasing or selling a big box you should talk to us!