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We are seeking a Commercial Real Estate Broker that specializes in Big Box leasing and sales with a strong emphasis on 25,000 SF to 180,000 SF in the state that you reside and are licensed in.

At this time we have many prospects that are seeking locations in different markets that we can not service due to time, license laws, and logistics.   

If you meet the following 9 requirements we would be a referring broker and consultant to send you Big Box leads.

The leads/referrals must be handled like GOLD!  Big Box tenants are a rare commodity and must be treated as if.

9 Basic Requirements:

1. Licensed Broker and or Licensed agent that can present referrals to your active broker. The active broker will have to sign off on this. 

2. Approx. at least 10 years experience in leasing

3. Three (3) leasing references 

4. Deal sheet with over 1M SF of deals including renewals

5. Active RE license in good standing

6. Are able to provide prompt replies to emails, text, and calls  

7. In good standing with your firm.  If you have your own company N/A

8. A driver license and means of transportation to meet clients at a property would be ideal since prospects need to tour the market sometimes with very short notice. A car is not a necessity in big cities like NYC, DC, and Chicago. 

9. If you have a resume or LinkedIn profile you can send us that would be very helpful. We are selecting experts in each state we can rely on. 

At this time most states and markets we have coverage but we are always seeking the best big box broker in each farm area.  We  have approximately 100 proven and experience professionals in our network at this time.  

So with that said, if you meet the following requirements please let us know if you would be interested in joining the Big Box Broker network and paying a 20% referral fees for prospects we send to you via official email that results in an executed lease within 18 months.  Both parties can cancel the referral program at any time but any prospects that were sent would be protected.  The goal is to have a long term referral relationship that is good for tenant, broker, landlord, and the community that need a big box occupied.

Payments Structure:

If a commission/fee is paid in installments it would be distributed in the same way you receive the commission within 10 business days.

Keep in mind we are not just sending you a lead that are bogus; it would be qualified and screened.  So for example we have a bowling alley that needs 40,000 SF in Nashville, Tennessee. We would send the Nashville Big Box Broker in our network all the key info and all you have to do is get the deal done.  It’s not easy to close a deal but it’s for sure lucrative if you can secure the tenant a big box.

The referral agreement would be simple and standard.  We even are open to signing your broker referral agreement after legal review.  

The hard work is getting the deal done and this is why we need experts in the market.   

We would for sure be open to ideas and questions.

Best Regards,

Charles D. Silver, Managing Director 

Big Box Broker LLC

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Office: 1.561.376.0104

Simply Send us the Following so We can Review your Credentials.

Request to be part of the Big Box Broker Network. We will reply promptly!

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